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CORBITT Manufacturing Company provides permanent mold aluminum castings weighing up to 75 lbs.


CORBITT specializes in aluminum castings. Aluminum, as a material, has many characteristics that are advantageous such as:


High Strength-to-Weight Ratio


Corrosion Resistance


Aluminum is Easily Recyclable


Competitive Cost


Reduced Machining Cost

Aluminum castings can be produced using a variety of processes. Many factors are considered when choosing the “best” process. Some of these factors are size, shape, physical features, quantity, strength requirements, porosity requirements, machining requirements, capital/tooling budget and others. CORBITT personnel are skilled at guiding casting customers to the “best” process for producing their aluminum castings.

Generally speaking, CORBITT can cast parts that weigh up to 75 pounds. If your requirement is for an item that exceeds 75 pounds it is possible that CORBITT could cast your part. We are equipped with overhead cranes that can handle weights much greater than 75 pounds. The maximum mold size for our tilt pour machines is 48 inches by 62 inches.

Inserts, such as studs, nuts, bushings, and pipes can be “cast in”.

Many castings require heat treatment. CORBITT has heat treat capability within our facility. This capability provides for shorter manufacturing cycles, greater process control and better quality.

CORBITT is also an expert relative to machining castings, regardless if they are aluminum or another material. If you need a casting that requires machining, but the advantages of aluminum are not important, perhaps CORBITT can source your casting, perform the required machining and function as your tier 1 machined-casting supplier.


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