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  OEM PRODUCTS - Overview  

CORBITT Manufacturing Company provides components to OEMs in industries such as Earth Moving, Mining, Agricultural, Electrical, Transportation, Recreational Products and Food Service.




Aluminum is playing a large part in the electrical product industry. Corbitt has become very proficient at manufacturing these kinds of parts.


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Many fittings, weldments and other parts in bulk transportation have been converted from Iron to Aluminum because of weight vs. strength ratios. Corbitt has addressed these issues for many years and is considered a leader in the marketplace.


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Corbitt has addressed issues with the food industry. This item addresses some leakage concerns in assembly along with cosmetic value. Corbitt is truly a solution base for your manufacturing organization.


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The use of Aluminum in powertrain housings has risen over the years due to their light weight and strength. Powertrain housings require close tolerances, which Permanent Mold can achieve. If there is a project in the future, we would like to be considered.


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