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A brief history of CORBITT Manufacturing Company and its capabilities.


CORBITT Manufacturing Company offers a diversified contract-manufacturing environment. We can provide aluminum permanent-mold castings, small lot-size and/or high production machining and other services that support these capabilities. For example, Corbitt has in-house heat treating, tooling and engineering capabilities.

Corbitt serves the transportation, construction equipment, farm equipment, foodservice, industrial tool and other OEM industries.

CORBITT was founded in 1948. In 1988, ACF Industries of St. Charles Missouri purchased Corbitt. ACF Industries has undergone several changes over the years and subsequently the name of Corbitt’s parent company is now American Railcar Industries, ARI. ARI manufactures tank and hopper-style railcars. Corbitt provides ARI with numerous cast and machined components which are used in the assembly of ARI railcars. An affiliated company, American Railcar Leasing, ARL, leases railcars manufactured by ARI.

In 2001, Corbitt acquired G.C. Stephens Company of St. Peters, Missouri. The combined operations were consolidated in a 130,000 square foot facility located just north of the historic district of St. Charles, Missouri.

Corbitt’s casting operation has four furnaces, each capable of supplying molten aluminum to multiple gravity tilt pour lines. Cast parts can range in size from 1 to 75lbs. Permanent mold castings have advantages when compared to castings produced by other casting methods such as better surface finish for an improved appearance, good grain structure that permits better strength characteristics and less porosity than other casting methods. Permanent molding provides tighter tolerances than other casting methods. This minimizes machining cost. Permanent molding also allows the possibility to cast in parts such as: studs, nuts, bushings, pipes, and any other integral parts.

Corbitt's machining operation includes 11 CNC Machining Centers. We are proficient at most metal cutting processes as well as wire and RAM EDM. Depending on the processes required, our work piece size capacities are sufficient for the majority of applications. We have experience working with most materials. We offer expertise and competitive pricing for lot size production requirements ranging from one to several hundred thousand units.

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